The Land of Adventure!

Meat and Angry!

The group frees Hipopert “Pert” Nemober from the cage in the orc camp. He reveals that he had been kidnapped by a tiefling, who wanted his PISTOL, Laset’s RIFLE and someone to who understands them. Originally he was going to take Pert with him to Dead Man’s Pass, but a messenger showed up the orc camp, which caused Pert to become expendable. The orcs decided to keep him as future rations. The orc warboss took his best warriors (and a couple of zombies) and headed for Dead Man’s Pass with the PISTOL, RIFLE and tiefling.

After some discussion, the group decide to chase orcs. They rest for the night and in the morning Jonus picks up the trail (zombies are easy to track). The put Pert and Laset on Shade’s horse and decide to push themselves to catch up with the orcs. They succeed and catch the Orcs as they are making camp. Most of the party drops to the ground to avoid notice, but Pert (realizing he’s on a horse) spurs the horse to charge.

The charge surprises the Orcs, who are dismissive of the two gnomes on a horse at first, with the Warboss telling them to “take them alive”. Quickly the rest of the party advances and engages the orcs, as more and ore attack. Quickly the orcs realize they are overmatched and the gloves come off. Despite whittling the orcs down, including killing the warboss’s standard bearer, one of the last orc archers kills Shade with his dying breath. After several close calls and vicious hits on both sides, the party manages to finally kill the Orc Warboss.



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