The Land of Adventure!

Doin' an All-Nighter

Dorian Black, being a newly-popular guard with a reputation for getting things done, is approached by Thardin Oakenhammer, owner of a local shop, to retrieve a lockbox that was stolen from an associate of his.

Gathering the usual suspects, they set out to the village of <insert name="true">, just outside the elven-controlled forest realm. After questioning Thardin’s associate, they find that the lockbox was stolen by goblins, in broad daylight. Using Jonus’ “expert” tracking skills, they manage to follow their tracks to the eastern mountains. There they are ambushed by goblins and wolves. Quickly dispatching them, they find a small cave network that holds a hidden door. Through the door is what looks like the bottom floor of a tower, filled with goblins. Dispatching these goblins with little difficulty, they follow the stairs up to the next floor. The next floor holds goblin sharpshooters firing from cover and a shaman. As the group advances on the goblins, being careful to avoid the sagging floor in the middle or the room, they are attacked by skeletons. The goblins and skeletons prove to be no match for the combined might of the group and they continue up. The top floor holds a Goblin sitting in a throne, a bugbear, and a couple of wolves. The top floor also appears to be part of a tower, with the eastern wall collapsed and open to the elements. These monsters prove to be more difficult, but still fall to the group. Quickly searching they find some scattered treasure and the lockbox, which Kaeron grabs, to ensure it’s safety. The group decides to rest here for the night.

After waking and making there way out of the caves, the party is approached by a female tiefling necromancer. “You don’t work for Malaroth, do you?” she asks the party. She mentions that she only wants the lockboxAfter some less than witty banter, the tiefling instructs her skeletons, including a skeletal knight on skeletal steed, to attack. During the fight a drow attacks from the shadows. The necromancer and her troops put up a good fight and it takes all the party has to defeat them. After the necromancer herself is killed, the drow chooses the better party of valor, leaving the party blooded but victorious.

Jonus leads the group on the way back to the City of the Twin Suns, and, after a false start in the wrong direction, has them on the right path. As the group rests for the night, outside the elven forest, they are attacked twice.

The first time by an Earthquake Dragon and several small Earth Elementals. This fight, while not too challenging, does awaken a local nest of Giant Ants, leading to the second fight. After defeating the Ants, the party moves camp and rests up for the remainder of the trip to the City of the Twin Suns.

Upon return to the city, Dorian gives the box to Thardin Oakenhammer, who was quite interested in those looking for the box.



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