The Land of Adventure!

Meat and Angry!

The group frees Hipopert “Pert” Nemober from the cage in the orc camp. He reveals that he had been kidnapped by a tiefling, who wanted his PISTOL, Laset’s RIFLE and someone to who understands them. Originally he was going to take Pert with him to Dead Man’s Pass, but a messenger showed up the orc camp, which caused Pert to become expendable. The orcs decided to keep him as future rations. The orc warboss took his best warriors (and a couple of zombies) and headed for Dead Man’s Pass with the PISTOL, RIFLE and tiefling.

After some discussion, the group decide to chase orcs. They rest for the night and in the morning Jonus picks up the trail (zombies are easy to track). The put Pert and Laset on Shade’s horse and decide to push themselves to catch up with the orcs. They succeed and catch the Orcs as they are making camp. Most of the party drops to the ground to avoid notice, but Pert (realizing he’s on a horse) spurs the horse to charge.

The charge surprises the Orcs, who are dismissive of the two gnomes on a horse at first, with the Warboss telling them to “take them alive”. Quickly the rest of the party advances and engages the orcs, as more and ore attack. Quickly the orcs realize they are overmatched and the gloves come off. Despite whittling the orcs down, including killing the warboss’s standard bearer, one of the last orc archers kills Shade with his dying breath. After several close calls and vicious hits on both sides, the party manages to finally kill the Orc Warboss.

The gateway bribe

The group has been enjoying some down time. Shadrath is working on his “business”, Dorian Black has been promoted and is in charge of several guards, and the others have had time to follow their own pursuits.

Laset Renalodo is working on his ‘smokeless’ powder for his RIFLE when his rival, Hipopert “Pert” Nemober, shows up and announces he is working on the same thing. Inspired by the arrival of his rival, and unwilling to have him beat him to it’s invention, Laset perfects his ‘smokeless’ powder. He then celebrated in time honored tradition…he got totally stinking, fall-down drunk.

When he woke in the morning, he found that his latest RIFLE had been stolen! His number one suspect was Pert, whom no one had seen since the day before. Laset gets Jonus and Kaeron to help him look for Pert. They head to the Clockwork Steed Inn, where Pert was known to be staying. Looking to be “discreet”, Laset gave Jonas one of his “thieves tools” (mini-bombs), modified to only produce smoke. Jonus, in his cunning disguise (he took off his hat and wore a cloak), walks into the inn and drops the smoke bomb under a table. When all the patrons start running out thinking there is a fire, Jonas snuck up the stairs into Perts room. He found it empty and messy, almost ransacked. With the guard arriving to check out the “fire”, Jonus ran back out of the in. Kaeron just watched in amazment at the whole situation.

Dorian Black, recently promoted, is called upon to gather some guards to put out the fire in the Clockwork Steed in. After entering the inn, he discovers that there is no fire and finds the used smoke bomb. He reports back to his commander, who orders him to investigate it. He quickly figures out that someone at SoFFO was responsible for it. He goes to the SoFFO compund in the city and meets with their leader, Dorf Yhern. Dorf quickly realize that Laset was responsible. He calls him (and Jonus) into his office and issue a stern reprimand. Satisfied, Dorian heads out. In private, Dorf issues another reprimand…“Don’t get caught!”.

Laset, now trying for a softer touch, returns to the Clockwork Steed and asks the innkeeper about Pert. The innkeeper informs him that Pert left with a ‘close friend’.

Laset, accompanied by Jonus, decide to ask Shade for some help. Shade is more that happy to “do this favor for him”. Shade proceeds to contact his “people” to see what they can find out.

Laset and Jonus now decide to check with the guards, to see if any of them noticed Pert and his friend leave. At the Southgate, he inadvertently insults the guards and then clumsily gives them money “for all their hard work”. They proceed to the Westgate, whose guards have not seen anything, and Jonus tahnks them by giving them some money covertly. At the Northgate, a Paladin interrupts their attempts to question the guards and sends them to ask the guard commander.

The next morning, the Southgate guards tell Dorian about Laset, confused about the “bribe”. Dorian reports it to his commander, who (again) sends him to investigate. Dorian reluctantly heads back to SoFFO to talk to Dorf. While there he finds that Jonus and Laset are confused, they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. Dorian, satisfied and eager to leave, admonishes them “It’s the marijuanna of bribes. It’s the gateway bribe.” then leaves. They are again told of Dorf’s ‘motto’…“Don’t get caught!”.

Laset and Jonus decide to get help from Dorian, who can ask the guards directly if they saw Pert and his friend leave. Dorian checks the records and finds that the Northgate guards reported Pert and his friend as leaving the night of the theft. Shade also finds out the same through his people. Dorian reports back and is told to resolve the theft.

Dorian gathers the group and the head out to follow Pert. The trail, still somewhat visible in the hardened mud, leads to Swiftcurrent. Dorian questions the local constable and general store owner, and older Eladrin, to find that they did pas through town, across the river, and that Perts friend is a Tiefling.

The group crosses the river and follows the trail northeast, toward the mountains. They come upon an orc camp. While observing the camp of about 30 orcs, they notice a cage with someone in it. Jonus decides to sneak up to the cage, to see who it is. In a stunning display of stealth, he manages to sneak up to, and past, the guards…only to trip on a tent post. Now alerted to an intruder, the orcs start to mobilize and the party charges from their hiding place. The fight is long and hard, but the group emerges victorious. They finally get to examine the cage and find Pert!

Doin' an All-Nighter

Dorian Black, being a newly-popular guard with a reputation for getting things done, is approached by Thardin Oakenhammer, owner of a local shop, to retrieve a lockbox that was stolen from an associate of his.

Gathering the usual suspects, they set out to the village of <insert name="true">, just outside the elven-controlled forest realm. After questioning Thardin’s associate, they find that the lockbox was stolen by goblins, in broad daylight. Using Jonus’ “expert” tracking skills, they manage to follow their tracks to the eastern mountains. There they are ambushed by goblins and wolves. Quickly dispatching them, they find a small cave network that holds a hidden door. Through the door is what looks like the bottom floor of a tower, filled with goblins. Dispatching these goblins with little difficulty, they follow the stairs up to the next floor. The next floor holds goblin sharpshooters firing from cover and a shaman. As the group advances on the goblins, being careful to avoid the sagging floor in the middle or the room, they are attacked by skeletons. The goblins and skeletons prove to be no match for the combined might of the group and they continue up. The top floor holds a Goblin sitting in a throne, a bugbear, and a couple of wolves. The top floor also appears to be part of a tower, with the eastern wall collapsed and open to the elements. These monsters prove to be more difficult, but still fall to the group. Quickly searching they find some scattered treasure and the lockbox, which Kaeron grabs, to ensure it’s safety. The group decides to rest here for the night.

After waking and making there way out of the caves, the party is approached by a female tiefling necromancer. “You don’t work for Malaroth, do you?” she asks the party. She mentions that she only wants the lockboxAfter some less than witty banter, the tiefling instructs her skeletons, including a skeletal knight on skeletal steed, to attack. During the fight a drow attacks from the shadows. The necromancer and her troops put up a good fight and it takes all the party has to defeat them. After the necromancer herself is killed, the drow chooses the better party of valor, leaving the party blooded but victorious.

Jonus leads the group on the way back to the City of the Twin Suns, and, after a false start in the wrong direction, has them on the right path. As the group rests for the night, outside the elven forest, they are attacked twice.

The first time by an Earthquake Dragon and several small Earth Elementals. This fight, while not too challenging, does awaken a local nest of Giant Ants, leading to the second fight. After defeating the Ants, the party moves camp and rests up for the remainder of the trip to the City of the Twin Suns.

Upon return to the city, Dorian gives the box to Thardin Oakenhammer, who was quite interested in those looking for the box.

Jonus Scrawl

Pigs in a wheel, perfectly sensable use of porsine labor. Jonus needed to rotate a wheel that could normally be run by a river, but didn’t have one obviously. So a big weight with pigs ( He needed the extra weight to actually turn it ) and after they’d lost alot of weight from doing all that walking, the the members of SoFFO got bacon breakfast for a few days.

Makes perfect sense

“We gots us sum werk from dat der quiet feller that cries alot in der cerner. Time fo sum ’venterin! Hey Laset git yer lazy ars out da shitta, its time to do sum ’venterin!”

Could only guess that Dorian Black had to take a shit himself given how fast he left. Anyway, we were off on the road, which isn’t that exciting most of the time given the somber moods and grummbling as either Jonus is singing and trying to get people to join in or entertaining the ideas of Laset Renalodo

“So…yer’a thinkin tha ya can ‘ang a fier tube frum da side of dem der ’orses and make em muv faster? An’ summin about no mer draggin ‘em…wind gettin in da way…and why dey need anuder tail fer sterrin’ ? "

So this merchant hired us to find his stolen property. Seemed pretty straight forward for the most part. He already seemed a bit shady and made wa wonder just what might have been so important that he had to hire so many adventures for as much as he was to get back something so small. Have to figure that he was going to sell what the item was and hoping to make a profit that had to cover what he had originally paid for it and now added on top of that was the fee for hiring a gaggle of adventurers. Guess its not important…couldn’t possibly be illegal.

Anyway, following some paths that we ere. " Deez traks louk like feet! Dey musta’va gone dat-a-way…" Yea, ‘following’ some paths we ended up finding trees what spit crossbows, sharp ones too. So we engaged the crossbow spitting trees and their goblin minions. Unbeknownest to us at the time that these were the people that we were looking for. So we so rudely crashed their party, disrupted their plans for afternoon tea and killed them quite swimmingly. There was the one goblin (no relashun to me! not pertee enuff) that commited suicide by getting knocked off a ledge. Few traps, couple skeletons, lots of goblins and one Jonus swinging on a curtain and kicking someone in the face.

We go our box though, I’m sure the reputable mechant that hired us till be overjoyed to know that we’re going to return it in one piece….undisturbed…soundly secure…and in a timely manner.

" So we campin’ up ‘ere? Der sum big dawgs we can roast up an’ gnaw on fer suppa? "

Out of the Badlands

After defeating the Xivorts, the party freed the prisoners, about 60 strong, and rested for the night. In the morning they chose to take the quickest way out of the Badlands. Organizing the former prisoners, each member did what they could to help get everyone out of the Badlands safely. Dorian Black led the people in inspiring prayers to keep their hopes up. Kaeron “Firehair” did his best to keep the group moving quickly by avoiding difficult terrain and animal tracks. Jonus “Pig Stink” Jones acted as scout, chasing away many monsters and ‘varmints’ before they could threaten the group. Shadrath drove himself to exhaustion doing all the little things he could, “I’m a city boy, this isn’t my element!”. After three long days, and two longer nights, the group made it out of the Badlands and headed for civilization.

The party and caravan reached the closest village and paid for lodgings. The next morning, Dorian searched the contents the horses were carrying, trying to discern what the bandits were paid for their betrayal. He found a small fortune in gems, which he gave to the caravan survivors to purchase new wagons and supplies. This delayed their departure for another day. During the ‘downtime’, the party enjoyed the local market (which includes a thriving black market). Kaeron purchased a dictionary for Pig Stink, while Pig Stink purchased several souvenirs. Shadrath purchased a couple books on magical subjects. Laset purchased parts to make a new, more accurate RIFLE. During the second night, Laset sneaked into Dorian’s room to ‘improve’ his halberd for him. The next morning Dorain found his halberd missing and returned the favor by taking a crucial part of Laset’s RIFLE and hid it in the Caravan. After retrieving the part from the caravan, and denying all knowledge of this event, the party and caravan set out on the road back to the City of the Twin Suns. After several uneventful days, the group reached the City of the Twin Suns and returned to the Temple of Corelleon. Parting ways with the caravan, and receiving their respective rewards, the party went their separate ways.

Down the Beaten Path

(Excerpt from the journal of Laset Renalodo)
Journal Entry Day 203:

As we approached the ruined watch tower the Bandit Leader told us about, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. I was unsure of the combat potential of the Xivorts we were warned of. Kaeron “Firehair” and Shadrath seemed to know more about them than they are letting on but if they are hiding information then it must be for a good reason. I am also concerned about the accuracy of my R.I.F.L.E.. Initial laboratory tests showed that it was accurate to within 14 inches at 50 yards but this doesn’t seem to be the case in actual combat. I think it is because of wear and tear but, it is possible, it could be caused by some other unknown factor. I will research this issue and see if I can come up with a solution to this problem.

Also, this area seems to be rich in mineral deposits, especially Lead. I will have to return here later to extract the necessary minerals for my future projects.

Journal Entry Day 204:

We were able to easily take out the Xivorts in the ruined watch tower but found none of the captive humans. We deduced that they must of been moved to the nearby ruined manor approximately 1.5 miles away, on the other side of the hill the watchtower stands upon. As we inspected the ruins I found, and opened, a secured trap door which lead us underground in the direction of the manor. More Xivorts were waiting for us because as soon as we entered darts where whizzing all around us. Jonus “Pig Stink” Jones was brave enough to charge forward toward them and distract them long enough for the rest of the party to get safely down the ladder. Though severely wounded Jonus maintained an air of calm and never once gave up fighting.

The second room we entered had an elaborate trap which I think part of it could be useful in improving my R.I.F.L.E. It featured a suit of armor that would fire poison darts out if you stepped on a pressurized plate. The darts were loaded into the feet into a spring mechanism that forced them upward towards the firing mechanism. I think I can use a similar process to increase the rate of fire on my inventions. I’ve already started working on the schematics.

Our last encounter with the Xivorts of the day saw us rescue around 40 innocent civilians and fight off a horde of the Xivort fiends. For some reason though I can’t help but feel a connection to them, especially because one of them picked me out for some reason to challenge me in a one on one fight. I showed him the folly of his mistake with a few well placed shots and rather than face the rest of my wrath he fled like a coward. I will have to ask Kaeron for more information about these strange creatures and their habits.

Schematics for my improved R.I.F.L.E. are almost complete. When finished it should be twenty percent more deadly and thirty three percent more accurate. I can’t wait to test it out.

The beginning

A caravan, expected in the City of the Twin Suns several days ago has gone missing. The Temple of Corellon has sent Dorian Black and Kaeron to find the missing caravan. To aid them on their quest, the temple has arranged for two members of SoFFO (Jonus “Pig Stink” Jones and Laset Renalodo) and one mercenary (Shadrath) to aid them.

The party heads out along the southern trade route and makes good time. After 4 days the trail leads to the fortified town of Thardhold and, with a few questions to the town guard, they find that this is the last place the caravan was seen. After staying the night in Thardhold, and Laset getting exceedingly drunk, the party sets back out and heads into the Badlands.


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